About eStatements

eStatements from National Grand Bank … 

eStatements refers to the NGB electronic services that provide customers faster, flexible, paperless access to statements related to their accounts with NGB.

You must be an online banking user to enroll for eStatements. Becoming an online banking user is easy and in most cases can be done entirely online for existing bank account holders. 
eStatement Support 781-631-6000

eStatements are good for you:
  • Faster monthly access … no waiting for the postal service to deliver the mail
  • No filing at home … you have any-time online access to 18 months of statement archives 
  • Improved security … your statements don’t sit exposed in your mailbox, and you will have one less sensitive document to lock-up or shred
  • Print on-demand … you can print statements any time if the need arises
  • Enrollment is FREE … you enroll for eStatements by first becoming an online banking user and then clicking a "Statements" link on the online banking site. 
  • Integrated with online banking … One log-in provides access to online banking, bill pay and eStatements!
  • Once enrolled, you receive an email when a new statement is available
  • NOTE: Enrolling for eStatements automatically turns off mailing of paper statements
eStatements are good for the bank:
  • eStatements help NGB keep costs down in several ways … including lower postage and reduced printing costs
eStatements are good for the environment:
  • Less paper, less ink, less mail to deliver, less trash … Go Green!