National Grand Bank

Privacy & Security Policies


As a Federally regulated financial institution, National Grand Bank takes the privacy of personal information very seriously. Please click the link just below to read our Privacy Policy.


Our goal is to protect the information you provide on the web site in the same way that we protect it in all other ways we interact with our customers. Any personal information that you provide via email or by filling out forms on the web site will only be used to communicate with you. It is not sold or transferred to any other parties.

In order to provide better service and/or to address security hazards, we will occasionally use a “cookie”. Cookies are small pieces of information that can be stored on your PC’s web browser. We use these cookies to store security information needed to maintain a secure, confidential connection to our Internet server.

Customers who have questions about this Privacy Policy or have a question about the privacy of their customer information should call the Bank at (781) 631-6000, e-mail us or use the contact us form on this web site.


First: Security is a shared responsibility. Regrettably, nobody can do it all for you. Even if we execute perfectly by doing everything we can at the Bank, if you are uninformed, careless or simply unlucky you can still be a victim. We work hard to do our part, and you need to do likewise. Please, educate yourself about such things as secure financial behavior, about computer and network threats, about the wide variety of computer/technical controls and about the unpleasant things actually happening in cyberspace. Then, use behaviors and controls that seem appropriate to you, and act carefully in order to minimize these risks.

Second: The world has always been a risky place. Today, most of the old risks are still there, but now we have to worry about the Internet and other electronic (digital) risks. Your money has been the traditional target, but now your information, your identity and even your computing resources are equally coveted prizes. Familiarize yourself with some of the major Internet and computing threats and some of the effective detective and preventive controls.

Third: If you think you have been a victim of fraud, identity theft or some other financial crime, get help. If you believe that NGB is somehow involved or impacted, please call us so we can determine what we may need to do.