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Business Online Banking Services
at National Grand Bank ...

National Grand Bank offers a variety of online banking services to business customers, and we intend to add more electronic services in response to customer requests. The business online banking services we currently support include:
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Business Online Banking
  • eStatements
  • Telephone Banking (1-888-433-1776)
  • The National Grand Bank Web Site (
  • Check Re-Orders
  • Secure Email (to/from NGB)
Each of these services is described in more detail below or elsewhere on this web site.

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) refers to National Grand Bank’s electronic service that permits business customers to completely process their non-cash deposits right on their own business premises. No more trips to the bank to deposit checks!
  • You provide the networked business computer, and National Grand Bank provides the scanner, software, and training.
  • Call or visit the bank to further explore the possibilities
Benefits of RDC include:
  • Accelerated cash flow … Process and transmit deposits at your convenience, not based on courier pick-ups.
  • Elimination of numerous bank accounts (no geographic restrictions) … Deposits can be consolidated into your NGB account regardless of where your offices are located.
  • Improved availability … Deposits can be delivered to the bank sooner allowing you to take advantage of earlier availability deadlines.
  • Greater convenience … Transmission can be sent 24/7. Transmissions submitted up until 4:30 pm will be credited to your account that business day. Credit for submissions after 4:30 pm will be received the next business day.
  • Time and effort saved … Avoid trips to bank branches and operations centers.
  • Fewer deposit delays … The ability to make deposits deadlines is more certain because weather, accidents, and other transportation slowdowns do not impact delivery of your checks.
  • Faster, more automated deposits preparation … Manual deposit preparation requirements are minimized.

NGB’s Business Online Banking System… 24/7

NGB’s online banking system for business customers permits customers to securely conduct many business banking functions using a networked computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or PDA. You can control cash flow and manage finances for your business in an easy to use and secure environment … at any time (24/7) from the comfort of your office, on the road, or even at home. 
Here are some of the convenient features you will enjoy with NGB’s Business Online Banking System:
  • View transactions history, real-time balance information and check images. 
  • Go green! Access eStatements 
  • Process immediate transfers between enrolled accounts. 
  • Transmit payroll, pay vendors, or collect payments from your client automatically. 
  • Initiate domestic and international wire transfers online. 
  • Download transactions into QuickBooks®, Quicken® or most spreadsheet applications.
  • Place stop payments. 
  • Assign access to additional users and authorize the functionality they need.
  • Click the demo button in the log-in header at the top of this page to see a demo of the online banking site.
  • Please contact a Customer Service Representative to enroll in Business Online Banking
For more information on this and other business banking products, call your Commercial Loan Officer at 781-631-6000, use the Contact Us form on this site or send email to

Customer Service for NGB Online Banking:
  • Call 1-781-631-6000


Click here to link to the About eStatements page on this web site.

Telephone Banking…1-888-433-1776

National Grand Bank offers a telephone banking service that allows you to access your account information using your touch-tone phone (24/7). Our customer service representatives can help you get set up with an ID and a password.
With NGB’s Telephone Banking, you can:
  • Access account balances for checking, savings, CDs and loans
  • Inquire about deposits, checks presented, ATM/Debit transactions and ACH/Direct deposits (last 5 withdrawals and last 3 deposits)
  • Transfer money between National Grand Bank accounts
  • Get loan status information

The National Grand Bank Web Site (

You are already on this site if you are reading this! This is National Grand Bank’s primary presence on the Internet (the Web).

In addition to being a beautiful home page that celebrates Marblehead, Massachusetts (featuring photographs by local artists), our web site offers these features:
  • A direct log-in to online banking features
  • Information about NGB, its products and staff
  • Navigation to any page on the site from any other page on the site
  • Links from the NGB web site to other sites
  • Information tools including news feeds, tides, weather and stock information
The primary NGB web site is rendered using HTML 5 giving you the same look and feel across all your mobile devices and computers.

We hope that you will find the NGB home page appealing enough to be your browser home page!

Check Re-Orders

Click here to link to the Main Street Check Re-Order web site. 

Secure Email (to/from NGB)

** PLEASE ... DO NOT send sensitive, personal information (such as account numbers, SSNs, passwords, card numbers) to us or to anyone in any part of an unencrypted email message. **

Anyone can send secure email (with or without attachments) to the bank using the link on our web site or by clicking the link below. This is the best way for you electronically send sensitive personal information to the bank.
When the bank sends you secure email, you will most likely get an email directing you to visit our secure email portal (a web site link will be in the email) to securely retrieve your message and any attachments.